Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newborn Babies = Lots of Diaper Changing!

As I briefly mentioned in my "Sweet Little Dress" post, I recently went to one of my good friend's baby shower. In addition to making her a couple cute dresses, I also wanted to make her a more functional gift.  I searched all around the internet for ideas, and that's when I stumbled on Sew Dang Cute Crafts' Diaper Stacker Tutorial!  I read through it and thought to myself, "I can do this!  How hard can it be?"

Here is what I ended up with:

(Edit: This project was featured on Sew Dang Cute - click here!)

"E" is the first initial of her future little girl's name.  Since her name isn't 100% official yet, I decided to wait to attach it permanently.  Mommy decided to go with a garden theme for the baby's room (think lady bugs, butterflies and flowers), so I tried to choose fabric that went along with this theme ("That's It Dot" in red and "Lil' Plain Jane," both by Michael Miller).

Remember when I said, "how hard can it be?"  Well, I definitely found out how hard it could be once I started on this project! Being a newbie sewer, I encountered several hurdles along the way (such as ruffles and pleats), but I'm happy to say that all turned out well!

↑ This picture was taken midway through step 5.  

This is a picture of:
 (B - Accent Fabric) attached to (A - Main Fabric)
(C - Main Fabric) ruffled
(D - Top Fabric) appliqu├ęd, but not sewn together yet
(E - Main Fabric).

↑ Close-up of (B - Accent Fabric) attached to (A - Main Fabric).

↑ This is step 8.

This may be common sense to everyone else, but I had to read the instructions and look at the picture a couple times before I realized that this is the step where you attach the top piece (D) to the main piece (A). It was hard to tell in the picture that the top piece was inside of the main piece.  Also, be sure to sew around the pinned edges and not just straight across, or you won't be able to slide the child-sized coat hanger inside once you turn it right-side out!!!

As you can tell from the picture above, in addition to being able to use a child-sized hanger with it, I also added two small straps with a snap closure as an optional way to hang it!

Good luck tackling your own diaper stacker project!

This project was featured on Sew Dang Cute (click here)!

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  1. Yours turned out really cute! I LOVE the fabric you chose and hope your friend likes it!!! Thanks for sharing your link with me.


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