Sunday, July 3, 2011

Made by Rae's "Newborn Basic Pants"

More baby shower projects...I know, I know!  This has been an obvious theme for my posts this summer, but I really enjoy sewing baby items/clothing because they're: 

- inexpensive (depending on the fabric you choose and whether or not it's on sale)
- relatively easy  (which is great for some one who is new at sewing...aka me)
- usually not too time-consuming (imperative for goal-oriented people...aka me)

Finally, you can find online picture tutorials and free patterns for almost any baby project you can think of!

How great is that?  

The only request from the authors is that you give them credit where credit is due and maybe leave a comment showing your appreciation for their hard work.  I don't think that's too much to ask for when you look at the great quality of some of the tutorials that these bloggers provide free of charge (trust me, I've paid for patterns and tutorials that didn't live up to half the standards of some of the free ones).  If you find a blogger that you really like and use a lot of their patterns, please don't hesitate to give back.  Whether it's just a shout-out, link-back or a small donation, just be sure to thank them for their time and effort!

I used Made by Rae's "Basic Newborn Pant Sewing Pattern and Tutorial" for this project. 

Overall, it was a very clear and easy to follow tutorial that included a free pattern.  As usual I posted pictures from my project because the more pictures you have, the better!  I included the step in the tutorial that my picture pertained to right above it!

Enough blabbing, here's the pictures!

Step 4: 
 The longer sides are the ones you want to sew first; they're long because they include the allowance for the waistband casing.

Step 6:
After sewing the front seams, you must align them on top of each other (1) so you can sew the inside seams of the legs (2).

Combination of steps 5 and 6:
 Here is the part where you trim and press the seams open; I used pinking shears to finish the seams as well.

Steps 8-12: 

 Steps 13 and 14 (of which I got to skip - score!):

The finished projects:

I made a cotton knit pair and a snugly fleece pair!
Don't you just love tiny baby clothes =)

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