Sunday, July 10, 2011

Table Runner with Pointed Ends

I've had some cute fabric laying around (for quite some time) that was meant to be used to make a table runner for my formal dining room table. I finally decided on a pattern and started on it a few days ago.  The pattern I chose was cute, but I encountered a big problem: I needed to bind edges that weren't exactly 45 degrees (not to mention that this is my first time trying to double bind). Thankfully I found AliciasAttic's YouTube video, which was very helpful in explaining how to do this.  I was also lucky enough to find a couple other tutorials on binding which helped me to visualize how to do it:

Diary of a Quilter's "Quilt Binding" tutorial 
Quilting in the Rain's "Binding & Blind Stitching Tutorial"

I wanted my table runner to be reversible, but I completely messed that up!  I probably should've extended the seam allowance another half an inch or so when I sewed the binding on the first side; I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I did it, but it didn't work. =/

First I cut out my main pieces (I folded each piece in half and cut a 45 degree angle at each end):

Next I applied some fusible interfacing to the back of each main piece in order to make the fabric a little more stiff:

I used Pellon 809 Decor Bond, which actually stated on the packaging that it was meant to be used for home decor projects:

After measuring out the perimeter of my project and cutting out some fabric that was long enough, I then folded it in half and ironed it. (I actually folded it in half and ironed it again, only to realize later that I didn't need to)...(>.<)

Next, I sewed together the three pieces of fabric used for binding, pinned them to my fabric and sewed them on.  Sorry for not including pictures of those steps :(  As I said earlier, this was my first time trying this and my corners were definitely no where as neatly sewn as they should have been.

See AliciasAttic's YouTube video for visual instructions on how to miter the corners.

See Diary of a Quilter's "Quilt Binding" tutorial  and Quilting in the Rain's "Binding & Blind Stitching Tutorial" for detailed instructions on the missing steps.

Another semi-neat corner:

One of my successfully mitered corners :)

Two more successfully mitered corners:

Yep, definitely not reversible.   

I sewed with about a 1/2 an inch or an inch of seam allowance on the front side.  That was working out great and looking pretty nice...until it was time to fold it over and sew it up on the other side.  Ugh.  For some reason I thought I could make the binding much wider than I actually could.  Once I folded it over, it wasn't mitering correctly on the front side with 2 1/2 inch wide binding.  When I folded it down to about and 1 and 1/2 wide, it worked properly.

Next project: find a cute centerpiece (refer to the first picture)!
Hey, at least the potpurri smells good ;)

***Any advice on how to prevent my problem in the future would be much appreciated

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