Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spit Happens

Need a quick and easy baby shower gift?  Burp cloths are your answer!

I included a few great tutorials to get you started:

Made by Rae's "Best Burp Cloths"
Craftaholics Anonymous' "Super Duper Easy Burp Cloth Tutorial"
Prudent Baby's "DIY Burp Cloth How-To"

Like I said, these are super easy to put together, so here is the gist:

What You Need:

2 equal-sized rectangles of fabric: 1 rectangle of cute fabric and 1 rectangle of the same size made of soft and absorbent fabric

(Optional): Thin batting (Craftaholics Anonymous' tutorial suggests using this)

For the front side you can use a decorative fabric; cotton or fleece works well.

For the back side chenille, terry cloth (Prudent Baby suggests using a hand towel), fleece, minky fabric, etc. would work great. For this project I used a 50% cotton/50% bamboo blend (Kyoto Batting).  

According to Fabric.com, "bamboo is softer than cotton, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly and is naturally anti-bacterial," not to mention very soft :)

Here's the Basic Gist of How to Put it Together:
  1. Pin together the two rectangles (right sides facing)
  2. Sew around the edges (leaving a 2-inch area unsewn for turning)
  3. Trim the excess fabric around the edges
  4. Flip it inside out
  5. Finish the seam

You have a burp cloth (or burp cloths in this case)!

You can stop there, or you can make it a little more unique and interesting.  I added a decorative border and used freezer paper stenciling to add cute graphics to it (phrases or pictures, for example).  I also added a dragonfly to one and the phrase, "Spit Happens" to another.

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