Thursday, February 3, 2011


School has definitely taken over my life at the moment and I really haven’t had many opportunities to be creative. I did get to make Valentine’s Day cards for children who will be in the hospital during that day. My fraternity (Kappa Epsilon) partnered with HIS radio station in this great project known as “Hearts for Kids” (click here for more info). Hopefully I’ll be able to post something new after this Pharmacology exam is over with!


  1. I like the hearts with the smiley faces on them. Totally original! Good Job!

    ps) Is KE that academic club on campus?

  2. I like that card also! That happens to be a card that Hunter created. Sorry to disappoint you, Anthony, but Kappa Epsilon is a professional pharmacy fraternity. Rumor around campus is that KE is MUCH cooler than some social fraternity known as Phi Delta Chi!


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